Why It’s Crucial

Unit testing is an extremely important practice. It helps developers avoid bugs easily and lets you know when something is broken immediately. This makes refactoring easier. There is a great overview regarding the reasons why it’s a must in a recent article by Tyler Hawkins. Inexperienced developers tend to rush into coding and more often than not end up chasing bugs for hours or days before they get things to work again. If you are unfamiliar with unit testing, please feel free to pause right here, read up, and come back. I’ll wait, I promise! 😎

There are numerous libraries…


Google Apps Script is a JavaScript-based language that has access to Google Workspace-specific libraries for Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Drive, etc., and allows you to quickly and efficiently automate your tasks and program business applications.

GAS presents tremendous opportunities. It allows building solutions that help automate and simplify business tasks for anyone using the Google Workspace in their day-to-day jobs. You can create anything from small scripts to full-on add-ons published on the Google Workspace Marketplace that can be distributed to a potentially unlimited number of users.

GAS supports the newest version of JavaScript, which is of course…

Dmitry Kostyuk

Full-time GAS developer, founder at Wurkspaces.dev

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